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Is your office prepared to handle the likelihood of thousands of calls a day from inspectors, distributors, code officials, and building owners from across the country? Wouldn't it be a relief to refer them to one company to retrieve all of your fire door, frame, or hardware data? With DOORDATA Solutions, you can!

Our software modules and hardware platforms can help you get your company's fire door, frame and/or hardware data to the right people in the shortest amount of time at a very low cost.

We created our field inspection, software, and hardware solutions well in advance of the implementation and subsequent enforcement of NFPA 80's 2007 edition, which requires an inspection of all fire-rated swinging doors annually, and the repair or replacement of all non-compliant openings.

DOORDATA Solutions is the first software company to gain licensing from the Door and Hardware Institute to provide its Fire Door Assembly Inspection (FDAI) forms in digital format. Previously, all inspections were completed using DHI's triplicate paper forms.

We are empowering our customers with state-of-the-art technology in an enterprise, mobile environment to help facilitate the tremendous amounts of data collection, reporting, and retrieval needed to meet new inspection standards and requirements.

Partnership Features:
● Get your product data to the field quickly
● Trump your competition by having answers, not more questions
● Offer your customers this valuable service at a fair price
● Enable fire door data sharing with your field personnel
● Easily reach end-users and code officials daily
● Dramatically reduce customer service calls
● Ensure your product is properly evaluated in the field
● Generate replacement product sales leads

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